Changing your Passwords

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The following steps outline how to find your user account names and also how to change passwords for those accounts at MSU Great Falls.


Step 1:  Log into the MSUGF Password Change Website

Step 2:  Record your account information

Step 3: Change your passwords




Step 1:  Log into the MSUGF Password Change website:

Go to

Password Change Login

Enter your last name, student ID number (MSU ID) with the dash, and also your pin number that you used to register for classes.  Click Sign in when you are ready.


If you forgot your pin number, you can click on the forgot your PIN link.

You will then be taken to the Banner Web (MyInfo) site and you can folow the steps to reset your pin by entering your Student ID and click on Forgot PIN.

Banner Web Login


NOTE:  If you forgot your pin, you will be asked the security questions that you initially set up when you registered and will be able to reset your PIN number.  PIN resets may take awhile depending on how busy the system is.  If you are locked out of your Banner Web, you will need to contact student services to have it reset manually for you.  IT Services cannot unlock a locked account in Banner Web.

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Step 2:  Record your account usernames.

Now that you have logged into the system, you should take a moment to write down your account usernames.  To do this, click on the My Accounts and ID usernames link in the left column.

Once you do this you will see your Account Credentials Page.

Account Credentials

MSU ID:   

This is your student ID number and is used to access Banner Web (MyInfo) and is required to change your passwords.

NetID/Desire2Learn ID: 

This is a system generated account name consisting of a letter, two numbers, a letter, and three numbers in the format:  LNNLNNN

The NetID and D2L ID are used to login to your student email account located at  and your Online courses .

Empoloyee Portal, MSUGF Computer Login 

You may or may not have an Employee Portal login, this is usually found if you are a student worker on campus.  The MSUGF Computer Login account is in the format of your firstname.lastname and may or may not have a number at the end of it.  The MSUGF Computer Login is used to log into computers at the school, the school's wireless network, and several of the schools online services such as the show and share video server and web based helpdesk.


Note:  It is strongly suggested that you memorize all three of these primary login names.


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 Step 3:  Changing your Passwords

When you first log in this page is displayed by default.  If it does not appear, click on the Change Passwords link below where you clicked to display your account credentials in step 2 above.


Setting your new password page


Please be sure to review the password requirements on this page or you will receive an error when setting your password.

Be sure that you check the appropriate checkboxes for the account that you want to set this password for.  It is strongly recommended that you change all of your passwords to the same password by checking both boxes, however; if you have already set your online and email passwords and want to change only your Computer Login password, simply click only that checkbox.


When you hit submit, you should be presented with a message stating that your passwords have been set successfully.


Congratulations!  You may now log in to the various systems at MSUGF


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