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Welcome to our live stream candidate forum for our new CEO/Dean search!

We are committed to providing you with support to view this live stream event.  If you are experiencing problems with the feed, please select the link below for assistance with the browser that you are using to view the feed with:

Please Note:  You must have Adobe Flash loaded on your machine to view the live stream, you may download it here

For the live stream event, we strongly recommend using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


Internet Explorer may show the page with several areas of the live stream area not showing or missing graphics.  To fix this, you will need to add the ip address to your trusted sites.  Instructions on how to do this are in the Internet Explorer Known Issues area of this page.  Do not add as your trusted site as this will not fix the problem.  You must type in the address before you click on add in the trusted sites window of Internet Explorer.  If you are still experiencing problems, please call our helpdesk at (406) 771-4433 for more help.


You may also click here to only view the live stream portion of the forums without being embedded in a web page.


Firefox is not supported with this live stream as it will have issues with the current flash player and continually restart the live stream.


How to use the Live stream toolbar

Internet Explorer known issues:

Google Chrome known issues:

Mozilla Firefox known issues:

Apple Safari known issues:



Using the Live Streams toolbar:

1.  Pause and Play

2.  Volume Control - You will need to adjust both the volume here (recommeded to maximize the volume here) and on your PC.

3.  Go Live - This will take you to the most current part of the live event.

4.  Toggle size - this will toggle the size of the window - Not recommended

5.  Full Screen - This will make the video full screen - Please use Go Live (3) each time you toggle this feature.

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Internet Explorer Known Issues:

If you have Internet Explorer and the video is not appearing, nor are any of the images (Represented as either empty boxes or Red X's), you can do the following to resolve the issue:

1.  With Internet Explorer already open and selected, press  ALT + X on your keyboard, or select Tools from the file menu.

2.  From the menu that appears, select Internet Options

3.  From the window that appears next, click the Security Tab

3.  From the Security Tab, click on Trusted Sites, and then click on the Sites button.

4.  In the window that pops up, replace any wesite in the box (most likely it will say by deleting what is there and typing (1)

5.  Uncheck the box at the bottom (2) and then click the Add button (3).

6. Close the window and then close out of all open dialog boxes until you are back at the Candidate Forums page.

7.  Press the F5 Key and refresh the webpage.  The graphics and live stream should now be correctly displayed.

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Google Chrome:

There are no known issues with using Google Chrome for this event.

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Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox is currently experiencing a playback loop issue where the live stream will reset itself every 3-4 seconds in the flash player.   We are currently investigating this issue, but our resolution for right now is to use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to view this event.

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Apple Safari:

Apple Safari is currently experiencing an issue similar to Internet Explorer where the video and graphics may not appear correctly.

To fix this issue you must open only the live streaming event first in Apple Safari.   You may then come back to the embedded video page (The Live Forum page) and everything will work properly.

Click this link to go to the Video Only website to allow Safari to treat the page as a trusted source.

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