Wireless Access

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As a student at MSUGF you are entitled to free wireless access, however; there are several different network options available for wireless access at the college.  When your device is searching for available wireless networks:  you should discover these networks:


this is an open guest network, you may not connect without providing the proper credentials, however; access to this network are limited to internet traffic on HTTP port 80 and HTTPS port 443 only.  Some internet applications may not work.  Guests and special event individuals should use this connection.  This is a non-secure network.  For assistance accessing this network, please visit the campus helpdesk in person.


This wireless option works much like you would find in a hotel.  Students should connect to this network as it is both secure and provides unlimited network access for all TCP/IP ports.  To connect, choose this network to connect to and then open up any Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.).  You will then be taken to a login page.  Enter your MSUGF computer account username (first.last) and your password to gain access.  If you forgot your computer account username, please see the computer access article. 


This network is reserved for faculty and staff use only.  Students are not allowed to connect to this network.  Faculty and staff members should contact IT Services directly to use this wireless network.


How to connect to a wireless network:

If you are having problems connecting to a wireless network you can use the links here for instructions for varioius operating systems.  Please note:  several vendors provide wireless utilities that you may need to use for your individual laptop.  If you need assistance, please bring your laptop to the helpdesk.

Click here for Windows XP Instructions

Click here for Windows Vista instructions

Click here for Windows 7 Instructions