If you are having trouble with opening LockDown Browser, the page freezes while attempting ot load ("White Screen") or the browser freezes when saving or submitting your test, you will have to reboot your computer. To reboot a PC, typically you would click on Start, click on the arrow next to Shutdown, and select Restart from the menu. To reboot a Mac, click on the Apple and then click on Restart.

After waiting a few minutes, turn the computer back on, then review the following conditions:

  1. Is Internet Explorer or Safari your default browser?
  2. Because LockDown Browser refers to settings in Internet Explorer (or Safari on Macs). If you are on a PC, it is recommended that you have this browser on your computer and check its settings with Respondus's Browser Test tool.
  • Make sure that you have JavaScript and cookies enabled.
  • Make sure that Internet Explorer or Safari's pop-up blocker is turned off (Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > uncheck the popup blocker option).
  • Make sure that you have an updated version of Java installed and that Java is enabled.
  • Do you have spyware/anti-virus software running?
    Some spyware detection and anti-virus software may interfere with LockDown Browser. You may need to temporarily turn off any spyware/virus detection software that may be running in the background of your computer when using LockDown Browser.
  • Do you have a firewall enabled?
    Firewalls can also interfere with LockDown Browser. You will need to make sure the LockDown.exe application is allowed full access to the Internet, which means you may need to enter this into your firewall as an "Exception".
  • Do you have pop-up blocking software enabled?
    Popup blockers can also interfere. Disable all popup blockers such as Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar and others.
  • Do you have an instant messenger on?
    Turn off any instant messaging tools that may be running in the background.
  • Do you have any other programs or services running in the computer's background?
    LockDown Browser requires that any open or running programs, such as Google Desktop or Skype, must be closed. 

    To determine if you have any programs open and running on your PC, press your keyboard's CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys all at once. From the pop-up menu that appears, select Task Manager/View Tasks. The Task Manager will open and display any programs that are currently open and running on your computer. Select each remaining program that is open and click the End Task button in the Task Manager to close them. When the task manager is empty, no programs are open and running.

  • Are you running updated anti-virus software? Have you scanned for viruses recently?
    Some virus infections have been found to prevent LockDown Browser from starting. If you are running updated anti-virus software, try running a virus scan and removing or placing in quarantine any viruses that are found. If you are not running any anti-virus software, it is recommended that you install one, check for updates, and run a full virus scan. Below are some great free options available for anti-virus software.

  • Please note: This information is intended for students of Great Falls College Montana State University. If you are a student of another college, university, or school that uses Respondus LockDown Browser, please either contact your school’s Information Technology Department or Responduswith any questions, concerns, or support issues related to Respondus LockDown Browser.