Course evaluations are sent 2 weeks before the end of the block or term for each of your courses and your responses are crucial to how courses are developed and delivered at Great Falls College MSU. 

How do I access and complete my course evaluations?

  1. There are 2 methods to access your course evaluations. 
    • Option 1: Navigate to any of your courses in Brightspace (D2L) and click on "Course Evaluation" in the navigation menu. (easiest method and requires no login)
    • Option 2: Go to and login with your Net ID and password. (requires logging in with your Net ID and password)
  2. Click on "Start Evaluation" to the right of the course name to begin your evaluation for that course.
    • Note: If you have previously left an evaluation without completing it, you can click on "Continue Evaluation" to continue.
  3. Complete the brief evaluation and click on the submit button to record your course evaluation responses. 

Can I make a submission once an evaluation is closed?

No, once the deadline for the evaluation closes you are no longer able to complete your evaluation. There is no way to reopen the evaluation to allow additional submissions.

How can I edit my responses?

After you have completed an evaluation, it will move to the “Submitted” section of your page. There will be a green Edit button available to make additional changes to your responses up until the administration closes.